The MADC Stars have been designed to unearth the most progressive work across a concise range of categories, and may be entered by all companies in the industry, including agencies, production companies, post production companies and sound houses. The result will be a curated showcase of Melbourne greatness.

However many submissions, work will feature in the one category judges deem most fitting. All charity work will be judged and presented separately from pieces produced for commercial clients, and the idea must originate from a Melbourne agency.

If an agency enters any given category, as well as a production company or post company, this will be aggregated as one entry, and each company will be celebrated in the event of a win

Submission Guide

Download the 2019 Submission Guide

Cost of entry.

Just $75 per entry, per category. In the spirit of the low entry fee, winners are welcome to order a trophy at additional cost. (as opposed to a trophy cost being bundled into the cost of every entry fee).

Late entries create more workload – more entries need to be checked and validated in a shorter period of time. And we are volunteers, after all. As such, these will be charged at $150 per entry. 

Note: Integrated campaigns should be entered into the category corresponding to the lead medium used.
Charity clients will be declared in the entry system. Charity work will be grouped in the showcase.​


The film category celebrates the creativity of the moving image. Entries must demonstrate brilliant storytelling intended for screens. That is, content created for TV, cinema, online and out-of-home screens. Judges will be particularly looking for films that evidence human insight to create an emotional connection and deliver memorable, share-worthy experiences. This category may be awarded for idea, execution or a combination of both - including craft in all forms including but not limited to direction, cinematography, VFX, music and sound design.

Judges will listen for brilliant ideas, brilliantly executed across campaigns and single commercials. These include ideas which demonstrate creative excellence in writing, innovative use of the medium and craft in the form of scriptwriting performance or skillful use of music or sound design. Work must have been broadcast with paid spots on commercial radio.

The connected age demands innovative work that transcends traditional channels. This category honours outstanding digital ideas & executions that push the boundaries across websites, mobile apps, digital advertising campaigns, mobile campaigns, digital audio and games. Judges will also look for innovative ways to give new life to old or seemingly traditional technology. Note: online films should be entered into the Film category only.

This category honours a new breed of work primarily driven through social media channels: this cannot be an afterthought, or merely a mechanism for distribution – social must be integral to the campaign’s DNA. This may include but is not limited to content, branded entertainment, podcasts and influencer-led campaigns.

Design & Photography
The Design & Photography category is a celebration of the visual craftsmanship for which Melbourne is renowned. Entries will need to demonstrate how design or photography has been used to define a brand or communicate its key messages across a printed or digital medium, including but not limited to brand identity, communication design, catalogues, UX design, brand environment design, packaging, photography and typography. Judges will also be searching for examples of design that have clearly furthered an advertising idea.

Print & Outdoor
Here we recognise the best creativity experienced in print and out-of-home. That is, work that leverages the printed medium or outdoor media to telegraph a message in a compelling way or immerse consumers in a brand experience. Outdoor entries must demonstrate how the format was exceptional idea that is brilliantly engaging and well executed.

Experiential, Activation & Promo
Experiential & Activation celebrates the inventive ways that we encourage customers to interact with our client brands. Entries will highlight the ways they elevated their brands through tangible, and intangible experiences, beautifully orchestrated user journeys and carefully optimised touch points. Winning work may touch on retail, activation, new technology and digital mediums – but will demonstrate their ability to create a meaningful change in perception or shift in behaviour.

Game-changing, groundbreaking, innovative and disruptive technology that cannot fit into any other category. This work celebrates the power of creative thinking to transcend boundaries, which may include a brand new product, an original piece of – or best use of – technology.

Rising Stars
Open to young advertising and design practitioners who have been employed professionally in the industry no earlier than January 1, 2017, but are already writing (art directing, film directing, editing, vfx-ing, sound mixing, designing or photographing, etc) themselves into advertising history.
They may have developed an outstanding and widely recognised campaign or demonstrated work that is confronting, thought-provoking or in the minds of the judges, simply stands out from the fray. Entrants are not limited to advertising agency creatives but the entire industry. Submissions must include three pieces of published work from the past three years, along with a 200 word submission on why you are an MADC Rising Star. One piece of ‘passion work’ (personal or unpublished work) may also be submitted.
You must include the commencement date of your professional employment in the industry.
You must upload your submission as a Keynote in the following format: Page 1 – Photo & Biography (1 page), Idea 1 (1-2 pages), Idea 2 (1-2 Pages), Idea 3 or ‘Passion piece’ (1-2 Pages). Any videos must be embedded into the Keynote file.

The following winners will be selected at the discretion of the judges:

Idea of the Year

Brand Impact
This represents an idea that is bold in its conception and brilliant in its execution and has resulted in commercial success and/or transformation of a brand. Judges will award the single most deserving piece of work that is both useful and entertaining, and has transcended advertising to contribute towards culture.

Charity/Not for profit Impact
This recognises a campaign or initiative that is not only outstanding it its area of discipline, but also exhibits civic engagement and making a real and positive difference. Work may promote diversity and equality, humanitarian aid, education, health and wellness. Note: work elevated into this category must be expressly for a charity and may include paying and pro bono clients, but not a brand or paid government work. Judges will elevate work that has truly changed lives and demonstrated cultural impact. NB: Service work for a paying client counts as a brand, not a charity.

Entry requirements.

Work must have been conceived by a Melbourne agency and published, printed, broadcast or released online between 20 September, 2018 and 18 October 18, 2019.
Work must be submitted in the form in which it was printed, published or broadcast, with all logos and disclaimers.
Work must not be tweaked or altered for submission purposes, ie no ‘Director’s cuts’.
All work must be accompanied by a client letter which explicitly states the first appearance date. A post campaign report from a media agency will also be accepted. 
Please use this Word template for your client letter.

Duplicate entries will not be refunded. 

Key Dates.

Call for entries opens: from Aug 26th
Early bird submissions close: Sept 25th
Late fee entries: from Sept 26th
All Entries close (no further extensions possible): Oct 18th
MADC Stars Creative Showcase Event + Party: 14th November 2019 

Expressions of interest for sponsorship.

Each of the above categories are available for sponsorship – please contact if you would like to be considered.