A charming kids cartoon that sings about death. Lots of death. A fine art sculpture that uses the grotesque to expose our fragility. Both wonderfully different from what had come before, and each other, yet both safety campaigns. 

Melbourne has always produced and celebrated different work because we know that ‘different’ works. 

The unique garners attention, is more memorable, and witnessing the wild and new even releases dopamine so we find ourselves craving more of it. All the good things that great advertising, photography and design should do. Indeed, it’s the difference that makes the difference. 

And so, we are here to champion the different work and diverse groups that come together to make this work possible. 

So, let’s see it so we can do just that, and hopefully, inspire much more of it. 

Matt Lawson, Simon Thomas
& the MADC Committee

Key Dates

Call for entries opens: 13 March 2024
Early bird submissions (extended): 14 April 2024
Late fee entries: 15 April 2024
All Entries close (no further extensions possible): 19 April 2024
MADC Creative Showcase Event and Party: 30 May 2024

Chairperson of Judges

The judging panel, built of highly awarded creatives will be announced in March.

Sponsored by

Level 2 Music


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